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album! [Thursday,
March 1st, 2007]

amiina album now available for pre order :)

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amiina tour dates [Friday,
January 12th, 2007]

- march 21 Madison (Café Montmartre )
- march 22 Minneapolis (Varsity Theatre)
- march 23 Chicago (Lakeshore Theater)
- march 25 Cleveland (Cambridge Room)
- march26 Detroit (Magic Bag)
- march 27 Toronto (Music Gallery )
- march 28 Montreal (National)
- march 30 Philly (World Café Live)
- march 31 Boston (The Remis at Museum of Fine Arts)
- april 1 DC (9:30 Club)
- april 2 NYC (Lincoln Center)
- april 5-7 Cincinnati

more short tours in different parts of the world to come.
ticket info to come too.
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September 13th, 2006]

some amiina news i posted on the sigur rós site a few days ago:

next month amiina will do a short european tour. the dates are as follows:
october 16th: point ephemere, paris (tickets),
october 17th: botanique, brussels (tickets),
october 18th: arts theatre, london (tickets),
october 20th: la casa encendida, madrid (tickets).

also, amiina will release a single, “seoul”, from their forthcoming album during october - exact date to be confirmed. details of their album will also follow at a later date.
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April 12th, 2006]

Hi, just joined this community after seeing Amina support Sigur Ros at the Perth Concert Hall, Australia on Sunday night. I totally fell in love with Amina. Such beautiful, intricate, delicate pieces they played. Very much in contrast to the sweeping, high-volume, free-form epics of Sigur Ros that followed. Anyway, it was a totally sublime experience both Sigur Ros and Amina together. I know that I will remember that night for the rest of my life.
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March 4th, 2006]

[ mood | okay ]

*I won’t be offended if this gets deleted. If the maintainer considers icon posts a bad idea, then I apologize in advance.

Anyway, I went a bit crazy making Amína icons. I wish there were more pictures of them! They’re an adorable group, and fun to iconize. I think I need to ease up on the random Beatles and Björk lyrics, though...
Feel free to take whichever you may want to. I hope you enjoy.

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wonderful, wonderful. [Tuesday,
February 14th, 2006]

i saw amina open for sigur ros in cleveland sunday night. i've just bought their ep. i'm in love.
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February 7th, 2006]

Hi. :]
I just saw Sigur Ros & Amina last night in Portland, Maine, and I found Amina to be absolutely mesmerizing.
So good. <3

I didn't get a chance to buy an Amina cd, and I'd really like to have their music on my computer. Do any of you guys have mp3's (wma's, etc) of their songs? If you sent them to me, I'd love you forever!!

AIM - the fever dream
email - fetus@mymelody.com
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Favourite Amina song [Thursday,
January 5th, 2006]

OK kids, let's see if we can really get this group going. So... what is your favourite Amina song?

Personally, my favourite song on the EP is Fjarskanistan, but my favourite song of everything I've heard is Seoul.
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December 4th, 2005]

I Think I'll Get The Proverbial Ball Rolling On This Amina Machine.
How Was Your Live Experience?
[I Can't Think Of Anything Else]
Oh & Thanks For Joining.
Spead The Word.
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